Universal Orlando Resort: Why CityWalk Can’t Be Ignored

Universal Orlando Resort: Why CityWalk Can’t Be Ignored

Universal Studios Orlando CityWalk CAN NOT be missed!  After all it is the first space you walk through on your way to the parks.  But it isn’t the only reason it can’t be ignored.  CityWalk has so much going on, it’s like a theme park in and of itself without the thrill rides.  If your idea of vacation includes shopping, dining, family fun and adult level entertainment all in one space, CityWalk is your spot!

Let’s break it down!


You can buy Universal Studios based merchandise (souvenirs anyone?) but you will also find shops including:

  • Quiet Flight Surf Shop
  • Harley Davidson
  • Rock Shop (Hard Rock Hotel)

And Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville where you don’t just shop for merchandise and gifts, but you can grab a cheeseburger in paradise and an expertly crafted margarita.

Just to mention a few!

Along the water at Universal Orlando CityWalk


Where else can you find a movie theater, a mini golf course and a karaoke bar within feet of each other?  Probably at a few vacation destinations, however, the beauty of CityWalk is that it is also within a short walk of your resort and 2 heavy hitting theme parks.  So, you get many different options on vacation!

Did I mention that Universal Orlando also has a water park, Volcano Bay?  It’s second to none!  That’s for a future article, stay tuned…

However, if you would like to dive further into how to have the BEST vacation at Universal Orlando, you should read 3 Reasons to Stay Longer at Universal Orlando Resort.

Let’s get back to CityWalk specifically.

Some of the other entertainment includes:

  • Pat O’Brien’s Bar: Bayou bar that has dueling pianos and Cajun Cuisine
  • Bob Marley’s: Love Reggae? Stop here!
  • The Groove: a dance club
  • Red Coconut Club: think Vegas meets Havana

This is just skimming the surface of options!

Escape Room

Universal Orlando Resort announced that by the end of 2022 (fingers crossed for the Fall as promised) they are opening a 2-story escape room at CityWalk that will be themed to both Jurassic World and Back to The Future.  Check back for updates at Diznvacations.com


CityWalk is home to a wide variety of eateries that include sit down dining and quick service locations.  Some are very familiar for those that are looking for fast food such as Burger King and Panda Express, however unique, and fun options exist even if you want to just grab n go!  These include:

  • Fusion Bistro Sushi & Saki
  • Bread Box Handcrafted Sandwiches
  • Red Oven Pizza Bakery

Sit Down and Enjoy your meal

You will find restaurants that range from burgers and fries to Chocolate centric savory dishes and desserts.  What am I referring to?  Check out The Toothsome Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen.  In addition, CityWalk is home to many other eclectic options like:

  • Cowfish Sushi Bar & Grill
  • Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food
  • Big Fire: where flame grilled applies to most everything!
  • Vivo Italian Kitchen

Sweet Tooth?

At CityWalk you will find Cinnabon, Cold Stone Creamery, and Dippin Dots.  You also get Voodoo Doughnuts!!  Keep all your options and eyes OPEN.

If you are adventurous enough to enjoy a chocolate based savory meal at Toothsome, then leave room for dessert.  A local favorite there is the handcrafted super-sized specialty milkshakes.  Get one!  Then sit alongside the water between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and enjoy the views of both parks and the Walk.

I am doing a 4 part series breaking down the 4 different sections you can enjoy while on vacation at Universal Orlando Resort. If you would like to explore more reasons to visit this vacation destination, follow along.

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The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen

Last but not least…..

You can get a tattoo at CityWalk!  Yup! There is even a tattoo shop and soooo much more.  It’s difficult to do this area of Universal Orlando Resort justice by only highlighting SOME of the many places to visit and activities to try. 

Bottom line – it’s worth at least a visit!  In my opinion it’s worth a STAY!  Hopefully, I’ve described it well enough to make you feel the same.  Let me know in the comments below.

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