The Top 5 Reasons to Stay at Disney’s Riviera Resort

The Top 5 Reasons to Stay at Disney’s Riviera Resort

Disney’s Riviera Resort, located in the heart of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is a deluxe level resort option that offers a unique blend of European elegance and Disney charm. With a variety of accommodations to choose from, it has something for every travel party. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider staying at Disney’s Riviera Resort for your next visit.

Stunning Mediterranean-Inspired Design

One of the first things that will capture your attention at Disney’s Riviera Resort is its remarkable Mediterranean-inspired design. The resort’s architecture and decor draw inspiration from the Mediterranean coast.  It offers a taste of the Riviera right in the heart of Florida.

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The beautifully landscaped gardens, elegant courtyards, and artistic details create a serene and upscale atmosphere. The aesthetics alone provide a relaxing and picturesque backdrop for your vacation.

Direct Access to the Disney Skyliner

Location is everything when staying at a Disney resort, and Disney’s Riviera Resort doesn’t disappoint. Situated in the Epcot resort area, it offers convenient access to two of Disney’s most popular theme parks: Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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With the Disney Skyliner transportation system just steps away, you can effortlessly reach these parks and other Disney resorts like Pop Century or Art of Animation.  The Skyliner also gives you direct access via the Skyliner to the dining at other Epcot area resorts such as Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, the Yacht Club Resort and the Beach Club Resort.

Caribbean Beach
Riviera Resort just beyond a section of beach at Caribbean Beach Resort. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

You can also get to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort which is a short walk away.  This prime location makes it easy to experience the Disney magic without the need for a car.

Spacious and Luxurious Accommodations

Disney’s Riviera Resort offers a variety of accommodations to suit different group sizes and preferences. From deluxe studios to multi-bedroom villas, the resort provides spacious, modern, and luxurious options.

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The rooms are thoughtfully designed and offer many amenities.  Villas include fully equipped kitchens, while all of the rooms have elegant furnishings, and breathtaking views. Also available are club level rooms with concierge service. Guests at club level receive complimentary food and beverage throughout the day.

Top Tier Dining Options

For those who love to indulge in delectable cuisine, Disney’s Riviera Resort offers some remarkable dining options. Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera is a signature rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy fine dining with panoramic views of the surrounding area. The resort also features Le Petit Café, which offers a variety of coffee and pastries in the morning and wine and cheese in the evening.

For a more casual dining experience, Primo Piatto serves up a delicious selection of European and American dishes. Even Bar Riva, the pool bar, has amazing food choices.  These culinary delights make dining an integral part of the resort experience.

Unique Disney Experiences

While Disney’s Riviera Resort has a sophisticated European ambiance, it’s still a Disney hotel.  That means you can enjoy all the enchanting Disney magic you expect. The resort has a unique character dining experience for breakfast.  At Topolino’s Terrace each morning, you can dine with Mickey Mouse and friends in delightful artistic-inspired outfits.

Topolino's Terrace
Topolino’s Terrace at the top of the Riviera Resort has unique character dining for breakfast. photo: @dizndonohues

You can also enjoy art-themed activities and recreation options, including painting classes and a beautiful mosaic tile workshop. Disney’s Riviera Resort brings a blend of classic Disney charm and European sophistication, ensuring a memorable and magical stay for guests of all ages. 

Kids splash zone
Kids can enjoy this Fantasia inspired splash area. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Disney’s Riviera Resort is a captivating destination within Walt Disney World.  With all it has to offer, it’s a one-of-a-kind vacation experience for Disney enthusiasts.

Walkway at Riviera Resort
The Mediterranean Inspired Rivier Resort feel luxurious with a touch of magic. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Whether you’re planning a family getaway, a romantic escape, or you’re adulting at Disney, the Riviera Resort is an excellent choice to immerse yourself in the magic of Disney while enjoying the luxury of a European-inspired retreat.

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