NEW Disney100 Disneyland Exhibit! What’s it All About?

NEW Disney100 Disneyland Exhibit! What’s it All About?

If you didn’t know, Disneyland is currently celebrating “100 Years of Disney!” During this special time in Disney history, you can find lots of cool ways to celebrate this magical occasion. New nighttime attractions, special treats, Disney100 merchandise, and this NEW, exciting, exhibit in honor of “100 Years of Disney Movie Magic” are just a few of the exciting things this celebration holds. The special celebration were going to look at today is called: The Disney Gallery Presents: Disney 100 Years of Wonder.

What’s it all about?

Expect to find original animation sketches from early animated films, props and animatronics from retired Disney Attractions, clips from “The Wonderful World of Disney” circa 1955, one of the original animator’s desks, and videos detailing the animation process and showing special behind the scenes footage of Disney rides and attractions.

The new exhibit celebrates “How beloved Disney films inspire park attractions” says the curator, Imagineer Kim Irvine.

Per Kim Irvine to Disney Parks, “My dad was one of the original animators at the studio, and he often worked at home, so I had a lot of his animation pieces from ‘Dumbo,’ including the sequence when Dumbo is first born, and you see his gigantic ears unfolding. The details go right down to the pencil sharpener, which I remember hearing the sound of coming from my dad’s office as I fell asleep at night; he’d be sharpening his Blackwing pencil every two minutes. I learned to draw sitting on my dad’s lap and tracing over his drawings.” shares Irvine.

Kim Irvine’s Dad’s sketches, along with than 100 original art pieces shown in Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder exhibit.

If you’re interested in seeing how the animation process works and how Disney’s Movies are transformed into beloved rides like “Haunted Mansion” or “Pirates of the Caribbean” than this is the exhibit for you!

You can find this showcase in the Disney Gallery located next to the entrance of “The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” on Main Street, U.S.A.

This exhibit is the LARGEST exhibit that the gallery has produced to date! Disney has not announced how long this unique exhibit will be available so head to our friends over at DizN Vacations and get your trip on the books ASAP! Go now so you can see this cool experience while you can.

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