We are running “amuck” with Disney Halloween Treats

We are running “amuck” with Disney Halloween Treats

Disney is preparing for the trick or treat season..NOW!  It is August, right?  That is quite all right with most of us, but is that the trick, part?  If it is, it’s a good one! Here’s a close look at the Disney World Halloween treats.

Fall decorations on Main Street

 It’s not just the sweet, but savory and spicy treats that Disney announced recently as part of the Halloween season in the most magical place on Earth.   

Culinary Creations

The Disney Culinary team has gone all out this year to create food and drinks that will both delight and spookify your experience.  Some of the dishes and drinks can be purchased during park hours.  Do you have your tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party yet? Some of the food option will only be available during this special ticketed event that begins August 12 on select nights at Magic Kingdom.

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

This year they are bringing the Hocus Pocus and then some.  For example, Casey’s Corner on Main Street will begin serving “The Pain and Panic Hot Dog” as well as the “Winifred’s Elixir of Youth” during park hours and at the party.

 The hot dog is described as all-beef with toppings of “sweet and spicy onion relish, sriracha mustard and spicy cheese flavored snacks”.  The drink?  It’s a black tea slushy with kiwi foam and a Winifred chocolate medallion to spook you into being cool during those STILL very warm Florida days.

Let’s Go Beyond Main Street USA

The Cheshire Cat Café is getting into the same spirit by offering the “Binx Pastry Tail” and the “Cold Witches Brew Coffee”.  That’s a breakfast (or otherwise) of a cat tail pastry drizzled with dark chocolate and a cold brew coffee with pumpkin spice foam.  YUM!!  Both are available to magic kingdom guests as well as party goers alike.

Photo credit: Disney Destinations

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is offering a “Worms and Dirt” funnel cake.  This is Disney’s signature funnel cake recipe topped with chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookie crumbs and a “Billy” chocolate medallion.   This sharable dish is only available to party goers.

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies is giving guests the apple pie in the form of a milkshake that includes green apple whipping cream, cinnamon donut toppers and sour apple straw adorned with a poison apple straw decoration.  This creation will only be available to party goers.  However, the “Candy Corn Soft Serve Swirl” is available both during the park hours and at the party.  It is described as a sweet corn and vanilla swirled soft serve cone. 

According to Disney, here are some other spooktacular sweet and savory choices during this fall season:

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

Cosmic Ray’s

Bayou Burger: All beef patty with jalapeno pimento cheese, andouille sausage and garlic pickles. (party only)

Friar’s Nook:

Hade’s Hot Dog: beef and pork hot dog with hot relish, and house made violet mustard. (Party only)        

Un Poco Loco Tots: Tots topped with Hade’s cheese sauce, chorizo sausage, and green onion. (Party only)

Golden Oak Outpost:

Spellbinding Fried Pie: Buffalo chicken, mozzarella, and blue cheese wrapped in a pastry with jalapeno ranch aioli (Party only)

Ice Cream and Other Treats

Ice Cream Cart near Haunted Mansion

Chilling Chamber Pop: with chocolate crumb, cherry buttercream (yes, please!) and chocolate pearls (Party only)  *also available at Sleep Hollow Refreshments

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Monster Ice Cream Sandwich (Party only)

Main Street Bakery

Oh, My Gourd Cupcake: Pumpkin spice cupcake topped with cinnamon cream cheese icing. (available during park hours and at the party)

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café

Sweet Almond Corn Cake: Almond vanilla cake dipped in white, orange and yellow chocolate (Party only)

Popcorn Cart near Cinderella Castle

Mexican Spiced Hot “Coco” Brownie: spiced chocolate brownie topped with dark chocolate ganache (Party only)

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Grave Digger milkshake: includes coconut and matcha blended soft serve. (Party only)

Snack Cart near Cinderella Castle

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

M&M Peanut Butter Churros: churro rolled in peanut dust, peanut sauce, chocolate sauce and M&M peanut butter pieces. (Available during the park hours and at the party)

Sunshine Tree Terrace

Jack-O-Lantern Float: Citrus swirl and Orange Fanta with brown sugar whipped cream and graham crackers. (Party only)

Let’s Wrap it Up Like a Mummy

Disney World loves to create fantasy and festivities.  The Disney Halloween treats are no exception! After all, that’s why so many of us are drawn to vacation inside its bubble of imagination.  While August may not feel like fall, or for that matter, fall may not feel like fall in central Florida, no one can dispute the effort Disney makes to make us all feel Autumnal beginning now in 100-degree heat. 

You could find yourself trick or treating down main street or sipping on a tart apple pie milkshake while strolling in Tomorrow land as early as this weekend. I bet you would be moved by that Halloween spirit with the help of Disney Halloween Treats!

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