Foodies Guide: Disney’s Earth Month Celebration 2023

Foodies Guide: Disney’s Earth Month Celebration 2023

April 22 is Earth Day! On that day, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park will celebrate its 25th Anniversary.  The park has a heavy focus on global sustainability and preservation. Disney is highly committed to the conservation of our planet and all its creatures big and small. 

In honor of Earth Day and the upcoming Anniversary celebration, the culinary team and mixologists at Walt Disney World Resort created works of art for an entire Earth Month. 

Let’s look at all there is to try!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Sweet Treats

Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts at AKL photo credit: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Creature Comforts, at the front of the park, will be serving up the “Beehive Mousse Dome” which has a a brownie base topped with honey mousse decorated with sugar bees and a white chocolate honeycomb. 

The Beehive mousse dome and Bahari Breeze
The Beehive Mousse Dome and The Bahari Breeze available at Animal Kingdom Theme Park
photo credit: Disney Destinations

This new item looks too adorable to eat, but I’ll certainly do my best!

Flame Tree Barbecue offers guests a “Flamingo Cupcake” made with strawberry cake and strawberry compote with a guava buttercream. It’s topped with pink crispy pearls, a sugar flamingo, and some white chocolate wings.  (Available beginning March 28)

The Flamingo cupcake and bubbling pink lagoon
The Flamingo Cupcake and Bubbling Pink Lagoon available at Flame Tree Barbecue
photo credit: Disney Destinations

Pizzafari is where you can indulge in the “Elephant Cupcake” from March 28- April 30.  This is a graham cracker cake with pineapple filling and matcha buttercream.  It’s topped with crispy pearls and decorated with a white chocolate elephant. 

Elephant Cupcake
An Elephant Cupcake in honor of Earth Month from Pizzafari
photo credit: Disney Destinations

You can also try this cupcake at Restaurantosaurus.

The “Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail Sundae” at Tamu Tamu in Africa has a brownie base, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and is topped with trail crunch. It’s adorned with a white chocolate image of Kenjana- one of the many favorite gorillas on the exploration trail. 

Sundae and pizza
Gorilla Falls Exploration Sundae and Roasted Mushroom and Leak Pizza
photo credit: Disney Destinations

You can have one between March 28 and April 30. 

Specialty Beverages

At Dawa Bar in Africa, try the “Bahari Breeze”.  The mixologist at Animal Kingdom created it with Parrot Bay Rum, Blue Curacao, sour mix and pineapple juice.  Bahari is the Swahili world for Ocean.

You can also order the “Bubbling Pink Lagoon” at Flame Tree Barbecue with strawberry lemonade, Sprite, and a kiwi flavoring.  This drink comes with a souvenir glow cube. 

Flame Tree Barbecue
Flame Tree Barbecue photo credit: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Guests 21 years old and older can choose to add vodka for an extra kick.  Do flamingos kick? (Available March 28- April 30).   

From March 31 to April 30, guests at Nomad Lounge can relax and enjoy “The Elephant and the Bees” cocktail.  Gin enthusiasts will delight in Cruxland Gin, bitters, and soda water topped with a lemon wheel and honey simple syrup. 

The mixologists were inspired by the “strategically placed beehives” by African farmers to protect crops from elephants.

Nomad Lounge
Nomad Lounge photo credit: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Pizzafari is also serving “Viva Gaia Tonic” made with Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade and Sprite along with cotton-candy flavor and mint leaves. 

This drink can be made in an alcoholic version with vodka.  You can add a glow cube for some sparkle.    

Pizzafari photo credit: @bizzyrunninganddizn

The “Tiger Eye Gold” is brewed with a blend of malt and rice.  It’s finished with hops from the Pacific Northwest that leave a hint of citrus and an aroma of mandarin orange blossoms.  This light golden ale can be purchased beginning March 28 at:

  • Isle of Java
  • Terra Treats
  • Thirsty River Bar
  • All outdoor ice cream carts
ale from AKL
photo credit: Disney Destinations

The “Honey Bee Citrus Ale” is slightly sweet with a “crisp clean finish” per Disney.  You can find it at the following locations April 2-30:

  • Dawa Bar
  • Eight Spoon Café
  • Restaurantosaurus Lounge
  • Thirsty River Bar
  • TriloBites
  • Warung Outpost


Terra Treats is serving a “Roasted Mushroom and Leek Pizza” with IMPOSSIBLE Meatballs, roasted mushrooms, braised leeks and a “dash” of truffle oil.

Dawa Bar and Tusker House
The Dawa Bar and Tusker House Restaurant in Africa at AKL photo credit: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Tusker House is serving a wide variety of plant-based items including:

  • Cauliflower Bunny Chow
  • Black-eyed Pea Salad
  • IMPOSSIBLE Bobotie
  • Feisty Green Beans
  • Tandoori Tomatoes
  • Carrot and Chickpea Salad
  • Jollof Rice with Plant-based Sausage
  • Garlic-leek Hummus
  • Harira Soup
Food images from Tusker House
Mini Bee cupcakes and Cauliflower Bunny chow from Tusker House at AKL
photo credit: Disney Destinations

This buffet style character dining experience also has a mini bee cupcake for guests during the month of April in honor of Earth Month.

Disney Resort Hotels 

Sweet Treats

On April 22 only The Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House will serve a “Cactus Cupcake” in honor of Earth Day.  This is a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter filling, strawberry jam topped with buttercream. 

Cactus Cupcake
Cactus Cupcake for Earth Day at the Mara photo credit: Disney Destinations


The “Honey Bee” is available April 1- May 31 at the locations below.  This drink was created with Four Roses Bourbon and lemon juice. It is garnished with honey, a dehydrated blood orange and a honeycomb. It was masterminded to honor the global conservation that happens through bee pollination per Disney.

  • California Grill
  • Jiko: The Cooking Place
  • Boma: Flavors of Africa
  • Victoria Falls
  • Flying Fish
  • Belle Vue Lounge
  • AbracadaBar
Drinks for Earth Month
The Honey Bee and Cucumber Gimlet photo credit: Disney Destinations

The “Cucumber Gimlet” is available April 1 through May 31 at various resort pool bars on property.  This drink is made of cucumber, lime juice, simple syrup, and soda water. It is inspired by the garden-fresh flavors of spring. 

Plant Based

Through the month of April, plant-based eaters can try the “Chaat” served at Sanaa.  This food service location at the Kidani Village section of Animal Kingdom Lodge is quick service for breakfast, but table service for lunch and dinner. 

The “Chaat” is seasonal vegetables harvested directly from The Land pavilion at Epcot. It’s served with potato croquette, chana masala, kale pakora, tamarind, coriander chutney and coconut raita. 

Chaat at Sanaa for plant-based eaters. photo credit: Disney Destinations

I hope all the foodies are super excited to try these new and amazing creations from the Disney Culinary Team honoring Earth Month. Disney and Animal Kingdom Theme Park are celebrating 25 years of preservation and conservation of the world we live in and all of its inhabitants.

If you would like to read more about Animal Kingdom Theme Park and the amazing things there are to see and do while you visit, you can find that in The Best of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can also check out 6 Things You Must Do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park for even more.

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