2023 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Coming SOON But There’s A Catch!

2023 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages Coming SOON But There’s A Catch!

The Details and the Catch…

It’s the moment that many of you have been waiting for! Drum Roll Please……

Vacation Packages for the Walt Disney World Resort will be opening June 8th, but there’s a CATCH! What’s the catch you ask? Let’s dive in.

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What is the 499 Day Rule?

If you’re not familiar with what this rule is, let me explain. The 499 day rule is simply that your arrival date MUST be 499 days or less from the day you are securing your reservation. Let’s use June 8th, 2022, as the example here.

If booking your 2023 WDW vacation package on June 8th, you will only be able to book ahead to the date of October 20, 2023. If you need vacation dates past the 499-day cut off, you will have to wait. Any dates past the cut off will open on a per day basis as we move forward in the year. To sum it all up, if you are looking at Christmas of 2023, your booking window will open sometime around mid-August. If looking at Spring Break 2023, I encourage you to book as fast as you can on or around June 8th, 2022.

Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort

Perks for On Property Guests

For years, guests of the Walt Disney World Resort have enjoyed the many perks of staying on property. Everything from transportation with front door service to MagicBands that offer property wide charging privileges have been enjoyed over the years. The best perk though has been (and always will be) extra magic hours. Now, this perk has been reimagined over the years and has gone from early mornings to late nights and back again, but we are happy to announce that Disney has confirmed that the ever so popular morning magic hours will stay for all of 2023! Early magic hours allow all on property guests to enjoy select attraction before the general public! This perk is available at every park and every day but again, is reserved for on property guests ONLY.

How to Book 2023 Dates

Anyone looking to travel in 2023 should reach out to their favorite DIZN agent or visit http://www.diznvacations.com to request a FREE no obligation quote. Please also feel free to fill out the quote form below and one of the DIZN agents will respond promptly. All Disney vacation packages can be secured with a $200 deposit. Interest free payments can then be made up until 30 days from arrival. At that point, any remaining amount is then due in full. All vacation packages are FULLY refundable before 30 days from arrival as well! It’s a WIN/WIN!

Let’s Get Planning!!

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