Is Disney’s Rise of The Resistance Worth the Hype?

Is Disney’s Rise of The Resistance Worth the Hype?

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, I would venture to bet that you have heard of Disney World’s “Rise of The Resistance” at Galaxy’s Edge.  If you ARE a fan, I imagine you have not only heard of it, but perhaps it is on your bucket list! Either way, do you wonder if it’s worth the hype? Do you wonder if it is worth the challenges of getting a spot on this popular attraction?

Interacting in the first pre-show room

Rise of The Resistance is unmatched when it comes to theme park attractions.  That’s a fair and accurate statement.  The technology used to create this immersive ride system was NOT used before or since to the extent the creators of “Rise” utilized it in its planning. 

Rey recruiting you to help the Resistance in the pre-show

So, what makes it a “Must Do”? 


Why might you think, “Um, NO!”

The truth is that there are challenges to getting to have this experience.  Make no mistake!  It is an EXPERIENCE!!!

Inside the bridge of a Star Destroyer

The Good

As mentioned, the technology is unmatched!  The immersion, theming, storyline, and genuine thrill are impeccable.  In fact, the whole Galaxy’s Edge land is impressive.  For a better look inside the land read 3 Ways Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Immerses Fans Inside the Movies.

Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, the experience from the start of the preshow when you see the hologram of Rey until exiting the attraction after you have narrowly escaped the First Order, is mind blowing. 

The Great

There are MANY parts and pieces to “riding” Rise of The Resistance. This includes boarding a transport, experiencing a capture by the First Order, and being escorted on to a Star Destroyer. Next, you are rescued and zooming on a trackless vehicle under the looming figures of Imperial Walkers. All of it- built to full scale and full of flawless detail.

The imagineers have gone to great lengths to recreate a believable world where you, mid-vacation, signed up to join the resistance and fight the bad guys in your shorts and tee shirt while clinging to the hand of your child along the way.

You will walk past unit of Imposing Storm Troopers aboard the Star Destroyer during your capture

Immersive is an understatement!  You are surrounded by all that is “a galaxy far far away”.  The ride is a journey of your own adventure within the Star Wars universe. You are no longer watching the movies; you are IN the movies.  For an in depth look at what I am referring to take a look at this POV video from DizN with the Donohues!

The Bad

What’s bad about all that?  The popularity and load capacity of Rise of The Resistance creates quite a line.  You may find yourself waiting in a line for 90 minutes or longer if you choose the stand-by option on your Hollywood Studios day. 

The wait time in the stand-by line on a Tuesday Morning in late August

If you choose to pay for an Individual Lightning Lane (ILL) purchase for this experience, do so very early on the day you visit. ILLs are limited and can become unavailable quickly.  For example, on a Tuesday at 10am in late August (typically a slower time at the parks) the wait time was already 95 minutes, and no Individual Lightning Lane Purchases were available. 

My advice:

Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours as a resort guest. As a Disney resort guest, you are invited to enter the parks 30 minutes before opening. Get to Hollywood Studios 30 minutes even before that starts.  Early is the key!  The reason is below.  If you choose to make an Individual Attraction purchase for this ride, be ready to do so at 7am that morning.  For more details on Individual Lightning Lanes read A Simple Way to Explain Disney Genie, Disney Genie Plus, and Individual Attraction Purchases.

The Ugly

The most difficult part of getting on Rise of The Resistance is the fact that the ride breaks down often.  By often I mean daily.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  One might say the technology is fickle!  There is nothing more frustrating than waiting in a VERY LONG line only to be denied the chance to go through the experience because all systems are not a go! 

Unfortunately, even if you have paid for an Individual Attraction Purchase, if the ride isn’t fully operational, you might have to settle for a free pass to come back later.   But what if you won’t be there “later”?

Held hostage by Storm Troopers waiting for the ride to reopen

There is no telling how long the ride system will be down once it is out of service either.  It could be the whole day as was the case recently at Disney World.  That can be incredibly disappointing considering all the anticipation. 

Hence, why my advice is to make it an early priority if it is a must do for you!  While you may still stand in a line first thing in the day, that line will be at it’s shortest.  By shortest, I mean it could still be 40 minutes to an hour. 

So, is it worth it?

Unfortunately, this is one of those decisions you must make for yourself and your travel party.  In my opinion, it was very worth it!  I’m a big Star Wars fan and it was a priority`. Whether you are or are not a fan, the joy of the ride itself will reach far beyond the franchise. 

If you plan carefully, you may be able to have the experience of Disney’s Rise of The Resistance at Galaxy’s Edge and also NOT find yourself fully frustrated with the challenges associated with getting inside.  My job is to arm you with all the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your trip.

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What do you think?  Is Rise of The Resistance worth the effort or possible headache or would you rather skip the attraction and enjoy the rest of the park?  Comment below.

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