NEW Dining Option Coming to Disney’s Boardwalk!

NEW Dining Option Coming to Disney’s Boardwalk!

Have you ever been on vacation and thought you might just want a great Italian hem, Italian sub?  For those of us in the northeast it is a bit of a staple, and for those not in the northeastern part of the United States, it’s an experience- a good one! An announcement was made in anticipation of the opening of the Disney Boardwalk Deli and what will be on the menu.

Where can you find one in Disney World

Disney World announced Monday July 25 that the Boardwalk Deli is coming soon at the site of what has been the Boardwalk Bakery (currently closed for this renovation).  This reimagined quick service location at the Epcot resort area will, according to Disney, “Take guests on a road trip of sweet and savory flavors from New York to the Jersey Shore”. 

It is the perfect choice for this deluxe level resort! The Northeastern shores happen to be behind the theming at the Boardwalk Inn.  The deli will fit in with the atmosphere of New York to New Jersey’s finest seaside escapes right next to pizza, ice cream, and the boardwalk games.

Let’s be honest, Disney World needs a good deli to add to the array of other plentiful good cuisine!

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Jeeat?  (Did you eat? Sorry, couldn’t resist!?) What will you eat? 

The boardwalk deli will be open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  According to Disney, you will be able to get “house made” bagels, bagel sandwiches, breakfast pastries and more.  What’s for lunch and dinner? Try hot and cold sandwiches like the afore mentioned Italian Sub (hoagie), even a Reuben, and plenty of other choices.

Also included, plant-based offerings like a veggie based muffuletta.  Is that from the northeast? It sounds amazing with “cured and pickled root vegetables”.  The deli will continue to offer favorites like the grill cheese and tomato soup as well as Cinnamon Yummies formerly available at the Boardwalk Bakery.

Lastly, the Boardwalk Deli will be home to cannoli, crumb cake, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes (a 50th celebration one for sure!).  You will also find alcoholic beverages for those wishing to indulge. Guests will be able to purchase wine spritzers from Ramona, and craft cocktails by Social Hour per Disney.

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Disney has yet to formerly announce an official opening date.  However, the fact that the menu is being released would indicate that it should be soon.  I’m sad to see the Boardwalk Bakery exit. However, I’m excited to see if the new deli will up the food game at the Boardwalk Inn.  What are your thoughts on the change? 

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