MagicBand+ Now Available At Disneyland!

MagicBand+ Now Available At Disneyland!

MagicBand+ Makes its Disneyland Debut!

Almost ten years after their release in 2013, MagicBands have finally made their way to Disneyland! Guests are now able to use MagicBand+ at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure to make navigating the parks easier and more magical! MagicBand+ was released in Walt Disney World this July, and offers a more immersive experience than previous band models.

MagicBand+ can now be used at Disneyland in California!
Credit: Disney Parks

What is MagicBand+?

MagicBands contain an NFC chip that can be linked to your Disney Account. This enables you to do a variety of things that are currently done through the Disneyland App or with a physical card, with much more convenience and special features for extra fun. MagicBands are also fully waterproof and adjustable, so you can ride Splash Mountain with no worries. 

MagicBand+ offers all the same conveniences as earlier models of MagicBands, with a extra features to enchance the magic. Magicbands can be scanned at park entry, mobile order stations, as well as for Lighting Lane and Disability Access Services return times. They can also be used to open your room door if staying on Disney property. Magicbands also make the PhotoPass experience easier, automatically linking ride photos to your account and connecting park photos with a simple tap. 

In addition to this, MagicBand+ allows you to experience the park in a whole new way with color changing lights, haptic vibrations, and gesture recognition. During nighttime spectaculars such as “World of Color” and “Fantasmic!”, MagicBand+ will display special lights and vibrations that compliment the show. They can also be used to aid your gameplay in Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters interactive quest. 

MagicBand+ will display special lights and vibrations that compliment shows such as “World of Color” and “Fantasmic!”.
Credit: Disney Parks

MagicBands make your day in the park easier, as you won’t have to worry about keeping up with a physical card, or worry about your phone’s battery draining. 

The bands are rechargeable, and include the charging cable in the box. It takes about two hours to fully charge MagicBand+ from 0-100%. The battery lasts 1-3 days on a full charge, and can be turned off by using a button on the back of the band to conserve battery. 

Where can I buy MagicBand+?

MagicBands can be purchased both on-site and online at shopDisney. On-site, guests can find them at multiple locations throughout Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. MagicBand+ is customizable and comes in many different colors and patterns. These bands feature everything from classic Disney Characters, to Star Wars and Marvel characters. Prices for the bands start at $34.99 for simple colors, and go up to $54.99 for limited edition releases.

Can I use my current MagicBand at Disneyland?

MagicBand and MagicBand2 will not work at Disneyland. However, MagicBand+ does work at the parks on both US coasts, and guests in Orlando can continue to use their regular MagicBands.

MagicBand+ enables you to do a variety of things in the park, including redeeming Lightning Lane return times, opening your room door, and making purchases. 
Credit: Disney Parks

What Do You Think?

Do use MagicBands on your trips? What’s your favorite part about them? (Personally, I love not having to fumble with my phone for Lightning Lanes.)

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