NEW Change to Disney World Refillable Resort Mugs

NEW Change to Disney World Refillable Resort Mugs

Three Cheers for Refillable Resort Mugs! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Any vacation no matter where the destination, has one very important factor. Souvenirs!

Disney Resorts just so happen to have a souvenir that is both practical while actively on property and doubles as that perfect something once you are home.

I’m talking about the Walt Disney World refillable resort mugs of course! I, along with my family, are huge fans of said mugs.

What is a Refillable Resort Mug?

A resort mug is as simple as its name. It’s a RESORT ONLY (on property resorts only) mug that can be used at ANY Disney resort, Value, Moderate or Deluxe. Each mug can be refilled as much as you care to enjoy and used for length of stay.

Every Disney mug has a RFID chip located within the mug, that detects usage and preset length of time. Mugs are either plastic or metal (depending on style chosen) and offer Rapidfill technology allowing guests to use their mugs at any refill station, at any resort, not just the one you are staying at.

Drink choices cover pretty close to all wants or needs and include Sodas, Powerade, Water, Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate. All resorts offer the same choices, however certain resorts will see Freestyle Machines as the main soda source whereas other resorts will have a standard food court soda station.

PRO TIP: Fill your cup(s) up BEFORE you leave for the park and bring with you for the day. This way you will have a mug to pour any purchased drinks in throughout the day and have a LID! This is especially helpful for families with small children. Just rinse out in a water fountain or bathroom sink and it’s ready for your next beverage!

Changes to Resort Mugs

Now that I have professed my love for resort mugs and shared a bit about what they actually are, let’s talk about one scary word…..PRICE.

Resort mugs have religiously been priced at $19.99 for several years, however, Effective immediately, Disney has increased to $21.99. That is a $2.00 increase which seems a bit steep in my opinion.

I still feel that the refillable resort mugs are a good purchase overall, but this is definitely an item that you will need to budget for and be aware of now, when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.

Do you utilize resort mugs when visiting? Tell me below!

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