Translating Disney:  The Significance of Numbers

Translating Disney: The Significance of Numbers

Just the Facts – the Disney Facts

Sometimes it’s fun to just learn new and interesting facts. It is a bonus if those new facts are Disney-related!

Acronyms are everywhere in today’s world. Texting has provided a new language of acronyms for many of us to learn. IKR! LOL! Disney itself is no different. Disney has its own language, including a vast array of acronyms and number references. A dedicated set of articles in this series will review this Disney language, including the acronyms and the numbers.

First, let’s dig into the world of Disney numbers: what they are, where they can be found at Walt Disney World, and what they mean.

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This number shows up multiple times around Walt Disney World. The significance of this number is the year, 1971. Walt Disney World , specifically the Magic Kingdom, opened in 1971. Three places jump out with references to the most magical opening on earth.

Steakhouse 71 is a signature dining restaurant located at the Contemporary Resort near the Magic Kingdom. At the entrance to this restaurant, guests can observe historic photos from the construction and opening of the Magic Kingdom. An added bonus is that the food is delicious!!!

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Guests can find another reference to the number 71 near the entrance to Magic Kingdom. The Main Street Fire Dept. has Engine No. 71 as the historic fire truck at Magic Kingdom.

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The third area with this number is in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. Four numbers are on the rail cars in “Casey Jr’s Splash and Soak Station”. Each number has a significance to Walt Disney World. You guessed it, one of those four numbers is 71, which represents the opening year for the Magic Kingdom! Casey Jr will numerically reappear in the next section.

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Where are all my Land Pavilion fans? The Land Pavilion in the World Nature section of EPCOT houses some fan favorite attractions, eateries, and entertainment. The Garden Grill character dining experience, Sunshine Seasons quick service restaurant, the Awesome Planet movie, Soarin’ Around the World, and Living with the Land all reside in the Land Pavilion.

It’s in Living with the Land that we find our first number 82, which is in reference to the year 1982. This was the year that EPCOT opened at Walt Disney World.

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Living with the Land takes the guest on an educational boat ride that reviews how people, and the land can co-exist. The beginning of the ride is a short tour through the history of the land on which we live, and the end of the ride is a tour through the sustainable greenhouse. Near the beginning of the boat ride, guests will cruise by a house. It is rumored that the likeness of this house is an homage to Walt Disney’s childhood home. In this scene, you will get a quick glimpse of the number 82. The house address listed on the mailbox is 82.

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The Casey Jr railcars at Magic Kingdom have four distinct numbers, and Walt Disney World has four parks. 71 and 82 are on the railcars. What do you think the other two numbers are? Check these out next time you are in the parks!


This number doesn’t have the significance as some of the others in this article. It’s just one of my personal favorite tidbits. The Haunted Mansion is an opening-day attraction for Walt Disney World. It is located in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. Quite often, the wait time for the Haunted Mansion is 13 minutes. Lucky 13 means no wait time for the Haunted Mansion!

Guests will see the number 13 on the ride as well. In the hallway scene, the only number on the grandfather clock is 13 (it’s in the normal 12 o’clock position on the clock).

Have you seen these hauntingly good details when touring the Haunted Mansion?

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This number is not inside Walt Disney World itself. In the upcoming week, this number will be referenced with respect to Disney. Walt and Roy Disney founded the Walt Disney Company in 1923. Fittingly, D23 is the name of the Official Disney Fan Club. Bi-annually, Disney hosts the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. The 2022 expo will be held from September 9th to September 11th.

At the expo, fans will be the first to hear breaking Disney news for all facets of the business. Panelist will review upcoming Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel movies and streaming. Executives will review domestic and international park areas being re-imagined. Imagineers will be presented with various awards at the expo. Fans will get to be amongst others that love Disney as much they do!

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These are just some examples of the imaginative nature of the Disney Company to incorporate fun little tidbits into their brand. As you can see, the Disney Company is proud of its history and celebrates it throughout the theme parks. Knowing these little tidbits and searching for some of them in the parks is a fun way to enhance your Disney trips and experiences. What other number references have you seen in the Disney parks that made you say “oh wow, cool!!!”???


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