More Details Emerge on Round Up Rodeo Barbecue at Hollywood Studios and Other Theme Park News.

More Details Emerge on Round Up Rodeo Barbecue at Hollywood Studios and Other Theme Park News.

This Week in Disney and Universal News….

Disney and Universal Studios released exciting new things for us to look forward to in the upcoming year! Disney World is expecting to reinvigorate some popular resorts while adding great new dining options along the way. Universal Studios Hollywood is opening Super Nintendo World in February.

Disney News This Week

Disney World News put a big focus on the exciting new changes and additions coming to the Disney Boardwalk Resort.  Much of the news celebrated resort wide refurbishments over the coming year and delectable new food options available soon to guests. 

Disney's Boardwalk is Adding a Deli!
Disney’s Boardwalk Resort
Photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

In addition, news from Disney World included more information about the soon to open Round Up Rodeo table service restaurant in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Round Up Rodeo photo released by Disney World News
Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

Universal Studios Hollywood released a promotional video for Super Nintendo World opening February 21, 2023. This land will be highly immersive and interactive with attractions including Mario Kart. Take a look at what’s to come below.

Lastly, the news coming from Disney World highlights many of the recent renovations to Walt Disney’s Flagship resorts with the hint of more to come.

New Dining and Food options at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Earlier this year, the the Boardwalk Bakery closed and reopened as the Boardwalk Deli.  Take a glance at what scrumptious menu items you can grab and go at this quick service location HERE.  Now there’s even more to enjoy at this resort.

Carousel Coffee

Carousel Coffee will fully open soon at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and offer specialty coffees and teas featuring Joffrey’s Artisan Roast Coffee.  Also, this location will serve delicious new pastries for guests to pair with their beverages of choice.

The menu will include a seasonal rotation of coffees such as the soon to be released Cinnamon Bun Frozen Blended Coffee.  You can also try menu staples like Dark Cherry Mocha Frozen Blended Coffee with whipped Cream or a Nitro Cold Brew

Specialty and seasonal Coffee is headed to the Boardwalk Resort
Photo credit: Disney Destinations

For Tea drinker, the Carousel Coffee will offer specialty blended teas such as the Pomegranate- Green Tea Lemonade. 

Pomegranate-Green Tea Lemonade
Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

In addition to beverages, guests will be offered a variety of pastries, cookies, breads, muffins, cheesecakes, bagels, and brownies.

Cake Bake Shop

The Cake Bake Shop will open in 2023 at the site of what was the ESPN club on Disney’s Boardwalk.  Owner and self-taught baker, Gwendolyn Rogers, is bringing her amazing cake artistry to Disney World.  Fortunately, Cake is the only thing on the menu

The Cake Bake Shop will open at Disney Boardwalk in 2023 according to Disney World News
Photo credit: Disney Destinations

The Cake Bake shop not only offers sweet treats like Cookies, Brownies, Pies, and more, it will also have a savory menu.  This dining experience will be both a table service and quick service location.  While it will be a full-service restaurant for brunch, lunch, and dinner, you will also be able to experience an afternoon tea service at the shop.

Disney World Resorts Are Getting a Reinvigorated New Look

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

In addition to the new food service locations, over the coming year, Disney’s Boardwalk Resort will undergo renovations to both the guest rooms and the main lobby.  Disney is using the artful design of the resort as inspiration for a fresh new take on the Northeast seaside escape theming. 

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

The Grand Floridian is celebrating its 30th anniversary July 1st of this year and the resort will be sporting a fresh new look according to the news out of Disney World.  Keeping the style of Victorian elegance, the resort will see an update to the main lobby as well as guest rooms.

The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa will continue to see renovations in the coming year
photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Earlier this year, the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa renovated some DVC villas with inspiration from Mary Poppins Returns to match the same new look at Citricos restaurant inside the resort.  The revamped table service restaurant is tastefully and whimsically themed with hints that Poppins herself had a hand in its décor.

Photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Lastly, Victoria and Alberts Restaurant at the Grand Floridian reopened a few months ago with an all-new interior well suited for its AAA 5 Diamond award winning reputation.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

This past year the Contemporary Resort saw some updates to its lobby and guest rooms as well.  The rooms new refurbished “Incredibles” themed look is a point of contention for some and celebrated by others.  It’s tough to please everyone.

The Modern Retro Vibe of the new lobby at Disney’s Contemporary Resort
photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

The resort also has a new Modern Retro look in the lobby, honoring and matching the work of Mary Blair, the artists responsible for the mural in the main concourse as well as the artistry behind the It’s a Small World attraction in both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom.

The Polynesian Village Resort

The Poly has seen it’s share of “refresh” in recent times.  The main lobby and the monorail station got an upgrade following the park closures in 2020.  Some guest rooms were upgraded and now feature a hint of Moana inspired South Pacific theming. 

The Polynesian Village Resort new Moana themed rooms
photo: Disney Destinations

Currently a brand-new DVC villas building is under construction at the site of what was The Spirit of Aloha Luau. 

More Resort Renovations at Disney World

Other resorts saw an upgrade as well this past year including all 3 All-Star Resorts.  The “open inviting” lobbies and newly refurbished guest rooms are said to be on the verge of completion. 

The Caribbean Beach Resort also has all new rooms in the Trinidad section of the resort.  Unfortunately, this also means that the “pirate” themed rooms are no longer available.  The new look however is stylish and clean.

Andy is Working on Round Up Rodeo Barbecue Right in His Backyard

In the Spring of 2023, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will add another table service location to the theme park.  Toy Story Land will feature Round Up Rodeo Barbecue created in collaboration with Disney Pixar Animation.  Much like the rest of Toy Story Land, Andy has created a Rodeo Themed BBQ restaurant with the help of his toys. 

The Entrance to Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

The theming will be- you guessed it- the Wild West with Rodeo entertainment provided by some of his favorite toys like Jessie, Trixie, and Bo Peep.  The dining location will offer Barbecue style comfort food and the décor will be Andy’s imagination.   

Disney World news release photos for Round Up Rodeo
Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

Universal Studios News This Week

This week Universal Studios Hollywood released a new promotional video for their newest theme park land Super Nintendo World. Opening February 17, 2023, this land will be like stepping inside your favorite video game Super Mario Brothers complete with a Mario Kart attraction and Toadstool Cafe. This land is currently open and very popular at Universal Studios Japan. This will be a highly interactive experience.

Recaps and Highlights for Theme Park News

Much of the news from Disney this past week focused on The Boardwalk Resort reinvigoration including the newest food locations coming soon and an upgrade to the resort.  However, more information about the Round Up Rodeo table service restaurant was offered as well. 

Disney highlighted all of its recent upgrades and continues to hint at plans to renovate other resorts in the near future.  I’m excited to see what’s coming NEXT.

Universal Studios Hollywood will open Super Nintendo World in February and the newly released video has everyone excited to join the fun!

What are you most excited about this upcoming year at the theme parks? Let us know in the comments below!

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