Wands and Cruises! What’s the News this Week?

Wands and Cruises! What’s the News this Week?

What’s new this week in the parks and on the Sea?

This week in Theme Park News, Universal Studios worldwide released a new interactive wand collection at Ollivander’s Wand shops across all their theme parks.  Disney Cruise line announced sweets and treats that will be available for guests sailing on the Disney Dream during Marvel Day at Sea this week as well.

A New Interactive Wand Collection Full of Lore and Magic at Ollivanders

Photo Credit: Universal Parks and Resorts

This week Universal Studios released the newest interactive wand collection created by Garrick Ollivander himself.  These wands include 1 of 3 powerful cores: Phoenix feather, Unicorn hair or Dragon heartstring similar to Harry, Ron and Hermonie respectively.   They will also include an insert “full of wand lore that details the properties of each” per Universal Studios.

New Aspen and Unicorn Hair Wand
Photo credit: Universal Parks and Resorts
New Lark and Phoenix Feather Wand
Photo Credit: Universal Parks and Resorts

These wands are unique and powerful enough to perform the greatest magic within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Your wand will choose you at any Ollivander’s shop at Universal Studios around the globe.

Ollivander’s Wand Shops at all Universal Studios Parks are selling the new wand collection
photo credit: @bizzyrunninganddizn

In addition to the new collection, each theme park will sell a specialty wand created specifically for that location:

  • Lark and Phoenix feather- Universal Orlando Resort
  • Walnut and Dragon heartstring- Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Cherry and Unicorn hair- Universal Studios Japan
  • Red oak and Unicorn hair- Universal Studios Beijing

These specific wands cannot be purchased ANYWHERE else outside of the parks listed above.

If you would like more in depth information on all you can experience in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Parks, you can read Are You a Wizard or a Muggle? for all this section of the parks has to offer!

Disney Cruise Line announces New Treats for Marvel Day at Sea on the Disney Dream

Disney Cruise Line photo credit: @thewanderingwayfinder

In January, the Disney Dream will set sail on select cruises out of Miami full of guests excited to celebrate Marvel Day at Sea during their cruise.  This week Disney Cruise Line released the sweet treats that be available on board in honor of your favorite superheroes.

At Vanellpe’s Sweets and Treats, the Iron Man and Spiderman cupcakes will be ready for action.  Iron Man is a yellow sponge cake with vanilla frosting while Spidey is a devil’s food cake with white chocolate mousse.

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

Ship wide during the Marvel entertainment guests can also enjoy a Baby Groot Marshmallow Stick and Marvel Cookie Sandwich filled with dule de leche or a Captain America brownie.

photo credit: Disney Destinations

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to making their summer vacation plans.  If you are excited about any of the news this week, share your thoughts below in the comments.

Happy New Year!

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