What is Disney’s Memory Maker?

What is Disney’s Memory Maker?

Disney’s Memory Maker is an optional add on to your reservation package that allows you unlimited downloads of attraction photos/videos as well as pictures taken by any PhotoPass photographers around the theme parks.  That’s the basic information on what Memory Maker is all about.  Let’s discuss why it may or may not be something you want to add to your vacation!

How does Memory Maker Work?

You can find Disney PhotoPass photographers in multiple locations set up and ready to take pictures of you with the idealic Disney backdrop when you are ready to pose.  They are also taking the photos at the meet and greets for perfect pictures with your favorite Disney character.  

Memory Maker includes those character photos at meet and greets
photo: @dizndonohues

Anyone can choose to have their photo taken by a Disney PhotoPass photographer whether they purchase Memory Maker or not.  Simply tap your Magic Band to the photographer’s camera and the pictures will show up in the photo section in your “My Disney Experience” App.  Your Magic Band is also the key to getting those wild attraction photos when you enter a ride queue. The system automatically links your registered band with your photo. If you need to know more about Magic Bands you can find that information HERE.

Once you purchase Disney’s Memory Maker, you will have unlimited downloads of any photos taken by photographers and includes those infamous attraction pictures taken on rides such as Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Seven Dwarves Mine Train and more. 

Photo: @MarDizNdana

In addition, your entire travel party, up to 25 guests will have access to those pictures if they are linked through your friends and family in the App.

How much does Disney’s Memory Maker cost?

If you purchase this add on to your package before your trip or up until 3 days before your arrival, you can expect to pay $169.  You can do that by adding it to your reservation when you book your trip.  You can also add it to any current reservation before your trip by talking to your travel agent. The price includes all pictures taken of you and anyone in your travel party. 

If you choose to purchase it after you are already on property or after you get home, the cost is $199.  You can make that purchase directly in your My Disney Experience account by clicking on the “+” sign at the bottom of the home screen and choosing “buy photos and more”

To purchase Memory Maker through your account, click the “+” button at the bottom of the home screen

You can also buy Memory Maker for a single day during your trip at the cost of $69.  Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to purchase individual pictures anymore.  So, if you find a few photos that you love you will be stuck paying full price if you didn’t purchase Memory Maker ahead of time- no fun!

That leads me to WHY you may want to purchase the add on!

We live in a time thanks to social media where sharing our photos and videos is how we tell our story and stay connected with friends and family.  When you purchase Disney’s Memory Maker with your vacation package you are getting beautiful professional photos of your Disney vacation. 

Disney PhotoPass photographer set up on Main Street USA for great photos with the castle
photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

That means not awkwardly trying to get that selfie with the perfect backdrop and everyone in it.  That’s not the only reason obviously!

photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Included with most all photo sessions is the magic shot!  These are photos taken with a little added magic- as the name would suggest!  Maybe you have a certain little fairy join your picture or you have another Disney character make an appearance.

Magic shots include fun characters added to your photos like this porg in Galaxy’s Edge
photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Then there are “Super zoom magic shots” that feature a wide-angle picture of the park then a close-up view of you inside.  Think “Where’s Waldo” style and during the 50th anniversary celebration there are newer magic shot options specific to the anniversary. 

So why NOT purchase Memory Maker for your Disney Vacation?

Let’s be realistic!  A Disney vacation is expensive.  So, is a Memory Maker worth the cost?  It really depends on your budget and what you prioritize on your vacation.  Most of us have great cameras through our phones right at our fingertips. 

However, the professional PhotoPass photographers at Disney World are highly skilled and very accessible.  They get those great pictures with iconic backdrops and add that little extra bit of magic to your vacation photos.  Lastly, those attraction photos and videos are fun.  They capture some authentic enjoyable moments you and your loved ones are having together. 

Get those magical extras with Disney’s Memory Maker
photo: @dizndonohues

If you have any questions about Memory Maker and you would like additional information or if you have some awesome photos to share, comment below. For help planning your next Disney or Universal vacation, use the email link below to contact me.

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