RunDisney Events Will Return To Disneyland

RunDisney Events Will Return To Disneyland

RunDisney Peeps GET EXCITED!!

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There have been some huge announcements made at the D23 expo from the Disney company this year, one of which includes the return of RunDisney races to Disneyland in 2024!!  This particular announcement was very limited with the promise of more details to come.  I waited a bit before releasing this article anticipating MORE from RunDisney officials.

Sadly, more will come later!

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What we KNOW about RunDisney in Disneyland

Disneyland executives and RunDisney officials announced in the fall of 2017 that RunDisney races would be temporarily stopped due to the construction within the parks and resort areas.  This included Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and more as part of a “multi-year expansion project” per Disney. 

No elaboration was made on when the events would resume at that time.  However, no one can argue that multi-year has been accomplished, let’s get back to the events!

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What does this mean for the RunDisney Community?

It opens it UP!  You know what I mean- like going from that narrow walkway after Hollywood Studios onto the boardwalk.  And, while the addition of Disneyland events may not bring us full availability, it will hopefully ease some of the stiff tension of trying to get into an event, any event.

We all know how difficult (putting it mildly) it has been to get that coveted race weekend event on registration day!  

  • Set an alarm for registration time
  • Get all your information ready
  • Sign in early…on multiple devices
  • Click “sign up” a moment before
  • Then wait for the circle of death and your turn in the virtual queue

…. praying you aren’t too late

  • Then either celebrate or’s a crap shoot. 

Whether you are a seasoned participant who has done it year after year or brand new, your chances are the same!  Both can be heartbreaking situations if you aren’t one of the lucky ones.  The option to participate virtually is nice, but the real joy comes from being there, right?   

Photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Oh, the possibilities!

Currently, RunDisney events are only offered at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris.  It’s been very limiting considering all the events are very popular both here in the U.S. and around the globe.

The 2024 season at Disneyland will bring more possibilities for events, medals, and experiences!  For me, someone who has maintained a goal of participating in RunDisney events on both coasts, it means an opportunity!  I know I’m not alone. 

Photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Stay Tuned

While no official dates or theming has been announced, I will keep my eyes open for further details and share, so we can all stay on top of this exciting news!  If you would like to know more about the RunDisney events specifically at Walt Disney World, you can find that in RunDisney? 4 Reasons Why You Should!

If you would like to share your excitement over this news, or if you have a question please comment below.

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