RunDisney: Race with a Little Magic

RunDisney: Race with a Little Magic

For those who love a blend of fitness and fun, RunDisney events are the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience. Combining the magic of Disney with the exhilaration of running, these events have become a staple for both avid runners and Disney enthusiasts alike.

The finish line
Crossing the finish line for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2023. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes RunDisney events so special and why they continue to draw participants from around the globe.


The Magic of the Course

One of the standout features of RunDisney events is undoubtedly running through the theme parks.  Whether you’re racing through the iconic Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World or making your way through the Disneyland Resort, each course is carefully designed to thrill participants along the way.

Tomorrowland view.
Running through Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

With beloved characters cheering you on, live entertainment along the route, and breathtaking views of the parks, it’s easy to understand why these race events are addictive.

Themed Races

What sets RunDisney apart is the themed integration. Each race is centered around a unique Disney owned IP. This allows participants to jump headfirst into costume design and earn one-of-a-kind medals.

Each event is themed to beloved Disney or Pixar IP reflected in the medals, music, and costumes for the race. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Whether it’s Pixar or Princesses, runners are encouraged to don creative costumes, adding an extra layer of fun and camaraderie to the event. The creativity and dedication displayed by participants in their costumes only add to the festive atmosphere.

Character Meet and Greets

Jessica Yashin
Meeting Goofy along the course. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

RunDisney events offer a rare opportunity for runners to meet and greet their favorite Disney characters along the course. Participants have a chance to snap photos with beloved characters and create lasting memories.

High-Quality Race Organization

Behind the scenes, RunDisney events are meticulously organized. From efficient packet pick-ups to on-course hydration stations and medical support, runners can focus on the magic of the experience without worrying about the logistics.

Disney Wide World of Sports
RunDisney provides free transportation to/from both the expo, races and Disney owned resorts. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Honestly, the amount of support along the course is second to none!  In addition, runners staying at Disney owned resorts on property are provided free and easy transportation both to/from the races as well as to/from the expo. 

Inclusive Atmosphere

RunDisney events are known for their inclusive atmosphere, welcoming runners of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a first-time 5K participant, the events offer a range of race distances suitable for everyone.

Hollywood Studios
Running through Disney’s Hollywood Studios. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

The supportive community of runners, coupled with the infectious Disney spirit, creates an environment where participants feel encouraged to challenge themselves and celebrate their achievements.

In the world of themed races, RunDisney stands out as a unique and enchanting experience. The combination of magical courses, themed races and entertainment creates a magical atmosphere.

Wine and Disney specialty cups
The Wine and Dine Half Marathon includes entrance to a private party at Epcot. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

Whether you’re a Disney fan, a seasoned runner, or someone looking to embark on a fitness journey with a touch of magic, RunDisney events offer a blend of fun, fitness, and fantasy. RunDisney events are currently being offered at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The race season includes a variety of distances and are held from November to April at Walt Disney World.

Walt Statue at Disneyland
Disneyland is once again hosting RunDisney events in 2024. photo: @bizzyrunninganddizn

2024 is the re-opening of events at Disneyland. The Disneyland Half Marathon weekend is in January. In addition, RunDisney recently introduced a Halloween themed event at Disneyland in September 2024.

Lace up your running shoes, embrace the magic, and let the magical world of RunDisney sweep you off your feet.

Make it a Vacation

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